Pressed Metal Parts

Our presses allow us to cater for various sized pressed metal parts, from small electrical contacts through to large metal pressed panels and components.

Bespoke Metal Pressing

We’re proud to be the metal pressing partners of choice for manufacturing businesses across the UK.

As an ISO 9001 certified business with a company-wide commitment to going above and beyond for each and every order, we can cater to a wide range of pressed metal component requirements.

We offer bespoke solutions for even the most complex briefs and combine over 80 years of experience in metal pressing with dedicated metal pressing professionals.

Versatility & Volume

Our plant is home to a range of metal presses, including standard manual presses, metal stamping presses, drawing and forming presses, fully automated presses and large transfer presses, with a collective range of five to 200 tonnes.

As such, we can produce everything from metal components for prototypes through to high-volume production runs.

Our sophisticated machinery can produce small and intricate components, such as electrical contacts or bracketry, up to large metal pressed panels.

Bespoke Solutions

With a combination of manual production presses to automated presses on-site, we can offer the most cost-effective solution for the required volume.

We can also produce laser-cut, punch-pressed, and other engineering disciplines such as metal spinning and fabrication.

This means we can provide our customers with a comprehensive combination of manufacturing processes, all conveniently under one roof.

Materials & Finishes

Whether you’re looking for stainless steel pressings, brass pressings, copper pressings or aluminium pressings, our plant is fully equipped to work with various metals and materials.

We’re also experienced in working with exotic metals and alloys, such as Duplex and Phosphor Bronze. For aesthetic properties or corrosion resistance for your components, we can provide standard surface coatings such as Electro Zinc, Hot Dip Galvanised, Epoxy Powder or Wet Coat.

What’s more, we’re proud to work alongside external surface coating research establishments enabling us to offer metal coatings with unique properties, resulting in the enhanced performance of all your pressed metal parts.

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Pressed Metal Parts
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Pressed Metal Plates

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