Metal Casting

For all volumes and in a choice of materials and coatings, we offer components the required level of surface protection.

Bespoke Metal Casting

Ladbrook has more than 85 years of experience manufacturing and engineering innovation metal casting. Our methods are industry-leading, and we continue to seek modern methods to help provide our clients with the most professional and up-to-date service available.

Embracing Innovation

By using our innovative casting methods ranging from investment casting to precision die casting, we’re recognised by our clients and throughout the industry as one of the leading metal manufacturing companies in the UK.

Whatever casting concerns your business might have, be it volume, one-off prototypes, or high-volume production issues, we can develop a cost-effective casting programme for your business. We’re committed to meeting deadlines and only use the highest quality metal casting material.

Choice of Materials & Coatings

Our variety of materials includes Zinc casting, Aluminium Casting, Steel Casting, Iron Casting, and Stainless Steel Casting. Before the launch of any client project, we provide advice and are happy to seek agreement on all decisions, ensuring the client is fully on-board and satisfied with the project every step of the way.

At Ladbrook UK, we also offer advanced surface treatments, including plating, anodising, and painting, to be carried out if and when required.

If you have a preferred appearance or finish you wish your product or component to appear when completed, we can create a bespoke aesthetic and provide additional surface protection as part of our manufacturing package.

Additional Machining

Our innovative metal casting process can be used in conjunction with our industry-leading CNC machining capacity, providing clients with additional quality component options. We can provide solutions to your casting requirements, from tapped holes to machined faces.

If your company has casting issues, whether they involve investment casting, high pressure die casting, zinc die casting, or even lost wax casting, we have the experience to help. Contact us today to find out more.

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