Metal Spinning

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of metal spinning, we’re proud to offer clients and long-term partners a range of industry-leading metal spinning services.

Finished To Exact Specifications

We also consider the raw material needed, to ensure the finished component is to the exact specification requested. We’ve built a reputation on supplying only the highest quality components to our clients. We offer consistency and reliability on all surface finishes. This also provides detailed dimensional requirements, whether it's the first or last section of any batch produced.

Renewable material is a key factor at Ladbrook UK, and by using the exact raw materials necessary can also limit the effect on our environment.

Industry-wide Applications

A specialist manufacturing process vital across many industries, metal spinning is used to produce conical and cylindrical shapes.

Simple in their elegance, the metal spun shapes are essential across multiple industries, including automotive, water heating, health, and medical, as well as a structural necessity throughout the architecture industry.

The Metal Spinning Process

A flat metal disc is loaded into a specialist machine. After being clamped against the metal Spinning Former, the former and disc are programmed to rotate at incredibly high revolutions.

The pre-programmed roller makes contact with the positioned metal disc, and the Spinning Former creates the required shape. This produces shapes that are efficient, elegant and engineered to precision.

Spinning Former Production

We have a long-standing reputation in the industry for providing quality Spinning Former services. Carried out by engineers that are qualified to the highest industry standards, each Spinning Former is produced to each client’s requirement.

We believe that bespoke development and production should be the industry norm because every project is unique to the individual and deserves to be considered as such.

Secondary Production Processes

In addition to metal spinning, Ladbrook also provides an extensive selection of metal pressing and fabrication equipment. This allows us to offer a greater range of operations, in addition to the original spun component.

Whether you need to add simple round holes, cutouts, or more complex tasks such as supplying fully welded assemblies - we’re here to help with any metal fabrication tasks you need.

Our variety of materials includes:

Stainless steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Mild Steel

Whatever your metal spinning concerns, wherever you’re based in the UK, Ladbrook is here to assist you. Contact the team today.

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